That Awkward Moment (2013)
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BIG Trailer r 94 min   ,

6.1/10 (54,397)
3.2/5 (42,492)
4/5 (1,696)
36/100 (33)
Directed by Tom Gormican
Budget $8 million (gross $40 million) [stats]
Stars: Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Imogen Poots
Storyline: Every relationship has that “so” moment. For a guy like Jason (Zac Efron), that’s where things always end. He’s firmly committed to non-commitment. When the marriage of his friend Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) falls apart, Jason takes it as proof that the single life is for the better. To get Mikey back in the game, Jason enlists him and drinking buddy Daniel (Miles Teller) to take a shared vow: together, they’ll stay single as long as humanly possible. Then along comes Ellie (Imogen Poots), the unpredictable, unforgettable one-night hook-up who changes all the rules. Despite all his instincts, Jason just can’t let her go... and his status is about to get very complicated.


USA & Canada: Focus Features Studio scheduled «That Awkward Moment» dvd release date for May 13, 2014. Below you'll find out when this film come out on dvd, blu-ray and on demand for purchase or rent at netflix, redbox and amazon.

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Country: On dvd:
Germany 221 09/19/14
Netherlands 314 06/18/14
Sweden 314 06/18/14
Denmark 314 06/18/14
Norway 244 08/27/14
Finland 298 07/04/14

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