Sport Movies:
The Best of 2010

This list is ordered by dvd release month and arranged by (1) theatrical gross and (2) film popularity - combined user and critic votes from popular rating aggregators: imdb, metacritic and rottentomatoes.

$359m gross 455k ratings family, sport film directed by Harald Zwart on dvd October 5, 2010

$129m gross 468k ratings biography, drama, sport film directed by David O. Russell on dvd March 15, 2011

$60m gross 93k ratings sport film directed by Randall Wallace on dvd January 25, 2011

$8m gross 89k ratings documentary, sport film directed by Asif Kapadia on dvd March 6, 2012

>$1m gross 14k ratings drama, sport, teen film directed by Mel Damski on dvd September 28, 2010